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Nowadays pets are really important in our homes, they are considered one more in the family. Fernando García Herrera wants to give you the posibility to make a special gift.
Keeping safe yours memories in an art work of yours pet.

Herrera is specialized in pet portraits, there are many works paintings as example of it. He gives special details to each work, beeing each one special and unique.










1. First of all contact us by mail or calling at +34 957116523
2. We need a picture of your pet, don’t worry about its quality it isn’t a problem.
3. Then we will send you the scale draft design of the painting with the final Budget.
• 32×52 cm : 600€
• 81×54 cm:  1600€
• 116×73 cm: 2800€
4. After receiving your OK if you like it, we start the painting process.
5. According the payments terms, we work 50% at ordering and 50% at the reception.
6. Please take into account that we need at least 2 months to have ready the paintings but in case you have a special motive to need it before, please inform us and we would try our best to move our planning and finish earlier.


Title: “Mauro”

Size: 65cm x 54cm

Support and technique: Oil on canvas linen extra

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