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If you consider that your pet is special and you want to have a great remind, HERRERA is specialized in pet portraits, and in this case, of dogs.

It always recomended to can see, touch, take a picture of your pet, but more of the times we conformed just with this picture, normally not a good quality!

A Bichon Maltes like an example of the nice dog portrait that the author shows in every one of his works, “touch” that give each work different. This portrait of “Mauro” shows perfectly the different vision you can give to a simple picture send by whatsapp

This is just an example for giving you ideas for your portrait. We make a budget, and after approval, we made a sketch.


  • Contact, several ways:
  • Mail to; fill in the form; or contact by phone 957419336
  • After this, you must send several pictures (if you don´t live in Córdoba) or make an appointment in the gallery to take pictures.
  • Send you and idea of sizes and prices
  • Once budget approved, we listen your ideas and it makes an sketch to scale of the original work.
  • We aproximately fix a date, normally 3 months, except special works.
  • We tell you the way of pay and shipping to all the world

Title: Mauro

Size: 65cm x 54cm

Support and technique: Oil on canvas line

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