This work is one of the best known of Fernando G. Herrera, thousands of people have seen it through social networks.

The brutal message of nature, able to adapt to everything despite the human intervention.

In this spectacular picture a leopard appears lying on a Land Rover without any trace of fear.

The paintings “Trust” and “Future” have been selected as finalists in David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2017, the Mall Galleries, London, exposition among other 276 artworks from 180 artists


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Work's measures


Data Sheet

Code: Trust

Technique Ballpoint Pen & oil

Support: Lienzo lino belga extra

Measures (cm) 162 x 92

Date of reali 2017

Of this work there are reproductions Si


Work located in:

ARTEHERRERA estudio Galería de Arte, Córdoba. España

Plaza de San Miguel, 3 – 14002 Córdoba, Spain

🎥Un Time Lapse del proceso de creación de esta obra, que marcará un punto y aparte en la carrera de Herrera.