"Portrait of hands"


One of the so-called “special” paintings in our art collection.
Artwork commissioned privately.
A new challenge which fascinated its original author from the very start.
Ballpoint-pen on stain-painted canvas.
Hands of a trauma surgeon specialised in hand surgery. A wonderful gift from his family and a thoughtful token of affection.
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Work's measures

Portrait of hands

Data Sheet

Code: Portrait of hands

Technique BALLPOINT pen

Support: Linen canvas

Measures (cm) 81 x 81

Date of reali 2016

Of this work there are reproductions No


Work located in:

Prívate Colection, Málaga, Spain.



47 seconds into the painting process.

Any artwork commission derives from an idea, then it is sketched and once refined… Herrera gets down to work.

The ballpoint-pen technique requires an absolute control of the drawing line-design, allowing for no mistakes. An artwork on canvas done in ballpoint-pen reveals the mastery of this technique by the artist.
The author has created and designed his own hardwood maulstick, which you can purchase at