This great racehorse, a work full of speed and intensity is immortalized.It is not first that Frankel is the best horse in the world (2012); however, this horse has now risen, becoming a whole new benchmark, due to one of two innovations in the WTR.

2013 Por Mercedes Brichetti

Available, 2.800€

Shipping to worldwide

Work's measures


Data Sheet

Code: Frankel

Technique Ballpoint Pen & Oil

Support: Linen canvas

Measures (cm) 116 x 89

Date of reali 2013

Of this work there are reproductions No


Work located in:

arteherrera Art Gallery

c/ Doce de octubre, 10 – 14001 Córdoba, Spain

+34 957419336

ARTEHERRERA art Gallery, Córdoba, Spain.