"Gorilla Study"

Close-up of an adult gorilla. A large work.

The expression takes on all the protagonism in this painting.

“The expression of the animal is the essence on any study, of a Gorilla in this case. This work is pure strength and sensitive at the same time, the indirect look of the Gorilla convey feelings like sadness, strength, pain… but at the same time, pride that this beautiful animal exists, so alike to us”

The look in this work is the one chosen by Fernando G. Herrera for his book “COMPENDIUM



Work's measures

Gorilla Study

Data Sheet

Code: gorila

Technique Ballpoint Pen & Oil

Support: Panel

Measures (cm) 116 x 80

Of this work there are reproductions Si


Work located in:

ARTEHERRERA Estudio – Galería de arte
Plaza de S. Miguel, 3 – 14002 Córdoba, España