“Assisi…” a very special vision of Saint Francis of Assisi by Fernando G. Herrera.
The final execution of the work is not complicated, the appeal is in its idea and general concept. Four figures dominate the canvas, but none more so than any other, with the perfect distribution of space along with a sublime harmony of colour.
The wolf, once again, that enigmatic and unique animal ….
Full video of how it was created available in our store.

Work's measures


Data Sheet

Code: Asis

Technique Mixmedia, ballpoint pen & oil

Support: linen Canvas extra

Measures (cm) 320 x 195

Date of reali 2014-2015

Of this work there are reproductions Si

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technique of drawing??

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14001 Córdoba, España

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“We show you how this incredible
work, which took 100 hours of work, was created”


Process of creating the work “Assisi …”. Saint Francis of Assisi appears on this 320cm x 195cm canvas surrounded by three wolves.
“How it was created”, you can follow the process from start to finish with four hours of video divided into four chapters. Music and art …

Do you want to see how it made? or
Do you want to learn his
technique of drawing??